NFT Marketplaces: What you should know before buying or selling NFTs

Introduction to NFTs

What are the things you should think about before diving into the world of NFT?

Things to consider before selecting the best NFT platform

  1. Liquidity and market volume: Unlike Bitcoin, which is liquid and readily swapped given its prevailing market conditions, the case with NFTs is a little different. Even if the NFT market is on the rise and widespread, the majority of its volume depends on the type of NFTs purchased. With all of this to consider, you would not want to invest in a poor market, hoping that things will improve. That is why, at Fusible, we provide increased liquidity to your NFTs by fractionalizing them and creating pools on AMM. Fractionalizing your NFTs into FT tokens will bring more liquidity and price movement to your creations and collections.
  2. Transaction fees: This is a variable that varies from platform to platform. It is always a good idea to be aware of the transaction fee because it is crucial for newcomers and those who are actively engaging in it. Users are responsible for paying for the processing resources necessary to process and validate transactions on the blockchain on most NFT trading platforms.

Buying & Selling NFTs: Conclusion



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