$FUSII-BUSD LP staking rewards program on Pancake Swap is back!

We are elated to announce the $FUSII/BUSD LP rewards program on Pancake Swap beginning April 30th 04:00PM UTC.


  • Users who provide liquidity to Pancake FUSII/BUSD pair will earn $FUSII token rewards via the https://app.fusible.xyz/stake
  • 18,000 $FUSII tokens will be rewarded to FUSII/BUSD Pancake LPs and this rewards program will run for 60 days.

Here is a staking guide for Fusible Liquidity Mining:

Step 1: Visit https://app.fusible.xyz/stake and connect your wallet using MetaMask or dApp browser.

Step 2: Add Liquidity of FUSII and BUSD by clicking Add FUSII-BUSD Liquidity button.

Step 3: Approve FUSII-BUSD-CAKE to Staking Contract.

Step 4: Stake FUSII-BUSD-CAKE tokens by entering the amount and clicking Stake Button.

Step UnStake: Unstake FUSII-BUSD-CAKE by entering the amount to be unstaked.

Step Claim Rewards: Claim FUSII rewards through Claim Rewards.

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