Fusible x Wagmi Football | Mint FIFA World Cup NFT Raffle and Win Big!

2 min readNov 28, 2022


As the FIFA World Cup🏆 inching closer to the Knock Outs with exciting match ups, wholesome moments and upsets. Fusible in partnership with https://Wagmi11.com are excited to announce https://wagmi.football , A NFT Raffle and a prediction marketplace.
Mint your TEAM NFT, Predict Matches and WIN BIG💰

Q. What is the NFT World Cup Raffle And Prediction Market?
Ans. NFT have taken over the internet and the world with innovation and new use cases. NFT World Cup Raffle is tied close to the up and happening FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Where fans mint their favorite team (e.g: ARG 🇦🇷 ), they will the prize pool if their team wins the world cup.
And anyone holding the NFT will be able to participate in the prediction market and stand a chance win over 100$ per match.

Q. How to participate?
Follow the instruction in this link: https://forms.gle/M9imAr5fVRRbh24L6
P.S: Anyone who is holding min 2000 $FUSII tokens will be auto Whitelisted for the mint! Snapshot will be take on 1st Dec 2022 UTC 12:00 pm.

Q. When Mint?
Ans. TBD ,Join WAGMI11 Discord for the update.

Q. Who are Wagmi11?
Ans. Wagmi11 is a web3 fantasy sports and nft collectable platform which aims to buidl decentralized sports community. With their propriety play, trade & win and proof of data integrity protocol is going bring revolution into current fantasy sports ecosystem.

We are thoroughly excited about our future collaborations with Team Wagmi11, to drive the NFT innovation. We’ve always taken pride in our ability to innovate, and are keen to bring forward further innovations, further revolutionizing the NFT ecosystem. Be a part of the Fusible community, and witness the NFT revolution of a lifetime.

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