Fusible Partners with Leading Blockchain Data Querying Service Provider Covalent to drive its vision of liquefying NFTs

3 min readJul 2, 2021

In an effort to further drive our vision of liquefying NFTs, we, at Fusible, are extremely delighted to announce that we are joining forces with Covalent, the leading data indexing and querying technology provider. Covalent’s robust data infrastructure will be integrated into Fusible to drive massive adoption of NFTs with diverse use cases. Covalent is widely reputed in the blockchain industry as a leading data infrastructure provider across multiple blockchains. With this partnership, we hope to further strengthen the data fragmented link in the NFT landscape.

Addressing the Data Infrastructure gap in the NFT ecosystem

The fascinating fusion of art and technology backing the NFT has grown beyond leaps and bounds, driving increased adoption and injecting extensive wealth into space. However, there are certain limitations (like the lack of a proper infrastructure) that make trading NFTs seamlessly a vision of the distant future.

The NFT space is riddled with technical complexities, which, on one hand, allows tech-savvy investors to maximize returns. However, on the flip side, it is extremely difficult for novice users to participate in the NFT space.

We, at Fusible, wanted to change this equation currently plaguing the NFT landscape. Hence, Fusible was conceived with a dedicated vision of making the entire process easy for novice enthusiasts, while solving the existing infrastructural problems. We aim to replace the outdated auction mechanisms by creating an intuitive platform for liquefying NFTs and infusing efficient price discovery mechanisms to thrive the NFT ecosystem.

As Fusible grew, it became extremely vital for us to partner with an RPC partner, with a specialty in easing the process of querying blockchain-related information through a seamless interface. The team felt that Covalent is the most natural (not to mention the best) choice to handle our growing needs. The technical partnership between Fusible and Covalent will witness gearing up on the product development front with scalable functionalities to make NFTs liquid.

As a direct result of this partnership, Fusible will integrate Covalent’s unified API to query on-chain data driving increased visibility and transparency in the NFT landscape. By leveraging Covalent’s network, Fusible will be able to deliver definite truth by employing continuous and reliable data feeds.

This collaboration holds high promise, and we are sure that this is the first step of many, towards a strong future for the NFT landscape. This collaboration will ensure the strengthening of Fusible’s infrastructure, laying the foundation for future integrations.

We are thoroughly excited about our future collaborations with Covalent, to drive the NFT landscape. We’ve always taken pride in our ability to innovate, and are keen to bring forward further innovations, further revolutionizing the NFT ecosystem. Be a part of the Fusible community, and witness the NFT revolution of a lifetime.

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