Fusible integrates leading Dapp solutions provider DeFi Wizard to enable seamless staking of $FUSII-BUSD LP staking for their platform

In the dynamic DeFi landscape, seamless execution of the operations plays an important role contributing to the project’s success. We at Fusible aim to create a seamless experience for users by automating processes that limit human errors, thus enhancing user experience. With the same intent, Fusible is thrilled to join hands with a comprehensive multi-chain wizard supporting creation of smart contracts, yield farming, governance and staking programs through an intuitive dashboard.

DeFi Wizard is a comprehensive Dapp solution provider that simplifies the execution processes by providing an intuitive dashboard for creation of smart contracts with various attributes and variables. It creates a seamless and comprehensive experience for both users and dapps allowing them to access one-click single dashboard reducing the need of recurring work. Under the purview of this partnership, users will be eligible to earn liquidity pool rewards by providing liquidity in pairs of FUSII-BUSD. Users will be able to access their process through DeFi Wizard’s live dashboard.

The $FUSII Liquidity reward pool is live. Platform users can dive in to access it by providing liquidity on FUSII-BUSD LP, users can earn $FUSII.
9000 $FUSII tokens will be distributed till the expiry period epoch 1618579835 ( 16th April 2021 1:30 pm UTC).

Platform users will be able to access all data relating to their LP tokens received, the performance of the tokens and claiming rewards through the DeFi Wizards dashboards. Once the user receives the LP tokens, they will be able to stake their $FUSII tokens to earn rewards.

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Here is a staking guide for Fusible Liquidity Mining:


We will continue to foster partnerships that impart immense value to the Fusible community and NFT ecosystem on the whole. Stay tuned as we bring you more partnerships, community updates and technological developments in our journey.

About DeFi Wizard

DeFi Wizard is a comprehensive dashboard for building DeFi smart contracts with a few clicks. It provides a comprehensive solution that offers real-time programmer analytics and allows the creation of smart contracts for ERC20, BEP20, ESDT, staking, governance, yield farming, and cross-chain bridges.

About Fusible

Fusible is an early-stage experimental NFT price discovery protocol employing a curve-based price mechanism to attain price equilibrium. It addresses the inefficiencies of auctions by using the folio of Bancor’s formula for refined price discoveries.

It focuses on redefining the NFT space by building smart solutions with functional attributes such as fractional ownership opportunities, refined price discovery mechanisms, creation of liquidity pools, and enhancing liquidity on NFT Marketplaces.

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