Fusible Forms Strategic Partnership with Project Inverse

Fusible is excited to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Project Inverse. Inverse is a platform that tracks the movement of popular DeFI coins, and allows users to gain yield from their volatility via the XIV utility token. They are at the forefront of crypto and DeFi space as demonstrated by the launch of their highly anticipated NFTs. Each major vault on the Inverse platform will have its own NFT in the form of a Signature Space ship. The first NFT released is for Fixed vault and it is called the Vault Ship One.

With the partnership in place, Fusible will aim to provide users of Project Inverse to get the most value and utility out of their NFTs. With fractional ownership and AMM listings of fungible tokens linked to NFTs, we aim to provide the users of Project Fungible enhanced liquidity and price discovery.

Project Inverse:

Website — https://projectinverse.com
Medium — https://projectinverse.medium.com/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/inverseproject
Telegram ANN — https://t.me/Project_Inverse

We are excited about the future endeavors. As we ramp up, we expect that our community will continue to support us in this expedition. We appreciate your support.

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