$FUSI Tokenomics and Distribution

3 min readFeb 3, 2021


Introduction to Fusible

Fusible is an experimental price discovery protocol for NFTs built on the BSC, where creators can liquefy their NFTs and create pools on Fusible and AMM for a curve-based price discovery. This will enable various mechanisms through which a creator can realize immediate liquidity and a collector can quickly realize price action.

We believe that creators and collectors can benefit from a better pricing mechanism. Auctions are a sub-optimal mechanism of discovering prices for creators and collectors. Curve-based pricing mechanisms work better to attain equilibrium points between supply/demand. We took a folio out of Bancor’s formula and have modified it to draft the first version of Price Discovery Protocol for NFTs.

Liquefy your NFTs

Bring better liquidity to your NFTs by fractionalising your NFT and creating pools on Uniswap.

Refined Price Discovery

Don’t be limited to a small auction audience. Fractionalise your NFTs into Fungible tokens and list them on Fusible and AMMs to get the best prices for your NFTs.

Opportunity for fractional ownership

Buyers can now own a fraction of an NFT and benefit from price appreciation.

Liquid marketplace

Fractionalising NFTs into Fungible tokens will bring in more liquidity and price action to creators’ creations and collectibles.

What is $FUSI

$FUSI is the native platform token and $FUSI token’s primary utilities constitute the following:

  • Governance
  • Weekly platform token rewards for buyers and sellers who transact on the marketplace, fuse their NFTs based on their activity during the week
  • Voting on proposals for curation

$FUSI utilities included but not limited to liquidity mining, staking, incentivized platform participation, fund management fee reward distribution and community governance.

Token Distribution

$FUSI Token emission details

Total supply of Fusible is capped at 10,000,000 $FUSI.

1,600,000 $FUSI are allocated to seed round investors and private sale at $0.45.

Both early stage seed round and strategic private sale investor tokens are vested for 12 months with 15% token being unlocked on listing and rest with daily distribution from day 31 for next 11 months.

100,000 $FUSI are allocated to public sale (IDO) at $0.72 and are 100% unlocked on the day of listing.

3,500,000 $FUSI is allocated for the community in the form of a reward pool and ecosystem. Total reward pool of 566,112 $FUSI distributed under incentive programs including yield farming, staking, liquidity pools, minting and platform participation over the period of 12 months.

300,000 $FUSI allocated for liquidity provision on listing which will be only used for exchange market pools.

2,000,000 $FUSI are allocated for foundation with 24 months vesting for future strategic funding needs and product development.

2,000,000 $FUSI tokens are allocated to founders and the team and 0% token will be unlocked until the 6th month. No bulk % token will be unlocked even after 6 months and we will have daily distribution for the next 12 months.

500,000 $FUSI are allocated to advisors with 0% token unlocked until the 6th month. No bulk % token will be unlocked even after 6 months, we have daily distribution for the next 12 months.

Initial circulation supply of $FUSI token will be 678,889 i.e 6.789% of the total supply, which is 240,000 from early stage investors and 100,000 from public sale. 300,000 tokens allocated for liquidity provision of exchanges, these tokens will be available on exchanges for the sole purpose of liquidity pool which means they are locked as well.

So effective Initial Circulation supply is 378,889 $FUSI i.e. 3.789%.

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